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Beware of the Google Panda When Buying Websites

Google Panda update
Most of us have heard and may have even been affected by Google’s changes in it’s algorithm. The latest update, called Panda, has been out for awhile. We’ve seen the demist of blog networks like Build My Rank and others that just post links to the network for themselves and their customer’s backlinking efforts. Well, those links could now hurt your site instead of help it rise in the serps.

This means, that in order to do due diligence when buying a website, you now have to take into consideration what kind of SEO has been done to the site. Things like checking backlinks, site load time, unique and fresh content, anchor text links, and much more. You’d be well advised to read this (a href=”” target=”blank”>PC World article to get up to speed on the latest Google algorithm changes.

This will give you a good list of things to watch out for when buying sites. It’s no secret that when a site is on the decline in traffic or revenue, that many sellers will opt to dump the sites in Flippa or elsewhere as quickly as they can unload it for as much as they can get for it. A site that was once successful may now be a site that is doomed. It’s traffic and revenue could already be in decline and it may also be running the risk of getting deindexed by Google. How sorry would that be to buy a site only to have it deindexed in a short period of time or to buy a site that was making good revenue and will soon be making nothing?

Due diligence
has to go beyond just checking the stats that are listed on a website auction. You now have to check historical data such as backlinks … how many there are and where are they? Are they just blasted onto blog networks with spun content or thousands of social bookmarking sites with the same anchor text? Other things you have to check for that Google will now penalize sites for are:

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Anchor text heavy links
  • Slow load times
  • Building links on link farms
  • Too many ads and too many ads above the fold
  • Autoblogging: Lack of unique content
  • Stale content: site not updated frequently

There are of course many more Google changes and only Google knows most of them, but the above are some to be aware of and watch for when buying a website. Not checking could be a costly mistake.

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