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How to Advertise Your Business on Facebook for Free

With more than 64 million active users and around 250,000 new users joining every day, you can tap into the social networking revolution with a free page on Facebook for your blog or business … yes, I said free.

Previously you had to be BIG business with a BIG marketing budget to create a corporate or company Facebook account. Blockbuster Inc., CBS Corp., The Coca-Cola Co., Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. and Verizon Communications Inc., are examples of well known companies that have a corporate presence on Facebook. Facebook members could then become “fans” by adding your company as a friend.

Now, this option is open to any business. Businesses can add any content they want, including photos, videos and music. Facebook users can share information about a business directly with the company by adding reviews or other information to that business’ page. Small businesses now have the advantage that only Fortune 500 companies could afford previously. It’s simple: here’s how you do it:

Creating A Facebook Business Page

1. Visit this URL

2. Choose the best category for your business.

3. Just enter your business name and then click “Create Page”.

4. Now you can add a description of your business and a website address. You can also add a photo or logo. There are sections to add more photos, video

5. Then click on your hyperlinked business name in the top left corner and click “publish this page.”

6. Finally, from your new profile page, become a fan of your business. This is important as all of your “friends” will now be able to see your page when they visit your profile and it will be shown in the news feed that “Suzanne is a fan of Dot Com Mogul”. With some social networking, some of your Facebook friends will also add your business as a friend and then their friends will see a message… and on and on.

To the left is a screenshot of your admin panel. You can send updates to fans of the business and there’s a link to Promote Page with an Ad. You can also use the pages’ discussion board to start topics, list events, or write on “the wall”. I’ve just added a page for my blog, Dot Com Mogul. You can see it here. (While you’re there, add it as a friend :) I plan to add more interesting info and a video to it, but this is the beginning page with minimal information. If you’re wondering why you should do this, just check out the Facebook statistics below, and did I mention …. it’s free.
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These WordPress Plugins are the Schizzle

Here’s a list of my favorite WordPress plugins … a couple of these are worth mentioning, but I no longer use them. I noted the ones I’m not using and why. If you have any to add, just comment.

From Unwords … Definition of schizzle :.
1. (n.) A non-profane version of shit

Adsense-Deluxe 0.8
Place Google AdSense ads in your WordPress Posts. Requires WordPress 1.5 or higer by Acme Technologies. I love this plugin. I don’t use Adsense on this blog, but you can use this plugin for easy insertion of other scripts and codes into your posts. Instead of placing the Adsense code in the configuration blocks, place your other code (I have several Chitika Mini Mall scripts configured in mine) there and adding the script to a post is as simple as adding <!–adsense#ShopCloud–> or <!–adsense–> to your posts where you want the script to be placed. You can configure as many of these scripts as you want or need and change them in all of your posts at the same time just by editing the script in the plugin screen. Continue Reading

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