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[SONIC REPLY WORDPRESS PLUGIN] Everything You Need For Exceptional Customer Support


One thing I’ve learned from launching my own products, is that great customer service = happy customers = money. Other than a great product, nothing is more important than great customer service. How many bad reviews have you seen for products simply because the customer support was lousy? Lots, I’ll bet. I know I have.

I’ve always supported my customers via email, which, if you do that also, is a big pain in the butt. Customer support requests come in with the regular email and may sit too long while you’re taking care of other stuff, or get overlooked altogether. It’s happened to me a couple of times … just overlooked an email from a customer needing support. That’s just downright bad for business.

There are numerous Help Desk programs around, and I have checked them out over time, but didn’t really find anything that I liked. They were either too complicated or too expensive.

The only clear choice is to move to a ticket-based support system that can help you sort everything out, increase efficiency, and improve your customer support system.

… And I’ve found one that is everything that you need for exceptional customer support.

See the video and learn more here.

Sonic Reply is a WordPress-based Plugin that works as a stand-alone or bolt-on compliment to your WordPress website. It takes care of organizing, tracking, and providing analytics for customer support tickets so that you can save time, energy, money and optimize your customer service strategy.

Ticket-Based Support

Isn’t it time to ditch old-fashioned, unorganized support practices. Track, assign and follow support issues and get moving.

Completely Automatic

Sonic Reply creates all of the required pages for ticket workflow. It also closes tickets automatically and auto-assigns to staff you select.

Email Piping

You can still reply by email, but the system maintains the ticket thread. Keep track of what your customers are being told.

WordPress Integration

It’s a Plugin for WordPress that will work with any theme. You don’t need to be a web design guru to figure out how to implement Sonic Reply.

Facebook Integration

Sonic Reply makes it easy for customers to create their account in order to submit a secure ticket. A one click registration and one click login makes it super fast and easy.

Valuable Automatic Customer Feedback

Customers are asked to provide a satisfaction rating on every ticket. This rating gives you insight into how successful you were in meeting the needs and expectations of your customer.

Easily Change Language

Built in language translation files makes it easy to translate to other languages.

Looks Slick On Any Device

Fully mobile responsive on the front end as well as the backend (great for checking metrics while on the move).

Detailed Analytics

Sonic Reply’s graphical dashboard makes analytic analysis easy. Track queue health, response time analysis, ticket activity, staff performance, and more. Watch in real-time as tickets move through a detailed queue that you set up. Know exactly where each ticket is so that you can optimize and improve response time and effectiveness.

But you know what gives this Help Desk software a big advantage over the others? Sonic Reply is a fixed-payment product. You only have to buy it once. Go ahead and look around. Similar ticket-based systems require expensive monthly memberships that add up. Sonic Reply is available right now for an introductory price of $37.00!

Pay for a product once, don’t pay for it over and over again. See the video and get it here.

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Affiliates: Make $50 per Sale on Ecommerce Package


Hey JV’s,

This dynamite Woocommerce/Ecommerce package has been a consistent selling product listed on the Warrior Forum in the Complete Sites for Sale section for awhile now. I have decided to make this available as a complete “ecommerce business in a box” solution and will be running a launch on JVZoo from Aug 9th – 17th. You can make 50% per sale from a $100 Front End product and an additional 50% of $49.99 for the OTO.

Now’s the time for email marketers to finally start making money. This offer is so value packed and irresistible that it practically sells itself. Your list will love this offer. For ecommerce site builders, it’s practically a gift. You get over $3K worth of Woocommerce themes and extensions for only $100 for unlimited sites.

There’s also an unlimited licensing Product Vendor extension as an OTO for 50% of $49.99 additional commission.

More info on the JV Page here and there are banners you can use to promote. Get your banners Here.

If you’d like to keep informed about my upcoming product launches, sign up here:

P.S.: Get your JVZoo aff link right here right now:
Sign up now
OR, if you prefer to just buy it for yourself, go here

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Where to Buy and Sell Websites

I’m sure most people who are thinking about flipping/selling or buying websites know about Flippa, but when the question is asked, where can I sell my site, that seems to be the only answer people give. Flippa may be the largest at this time, but it’s not the only game in town. Due to the many changes Flippa has gone through with pricing structure and other changes that don’t necessarily benefits sellers, it’s worth a good hard look at the other places for buying and selling websites. Flippa does have an advantage over others with probably more buyers who search the site, so it’s still a viable website marketplace, but it’s always good to know all the options available.

There are also a fair amount of brokers who can help you to sell your websites, particularly if they are well established businesses that have established revenue and traffic and are valued at $10,000 or above. Brokers will often help with creating the listing or sales copy for your site and listing it at various resources both offline and online. They may also help with screening buyers, legal paperwork, and helping with negotiations and prospect questions when a buyer is interested. They often have developed a large list of buyers that they will contact about your sale.

Here’s a list of some website brokers:

Latona’s Website Brokerage
Quiet Light Brokerage
Acquisitions Direct
Acquisitions Agency
Maine Business Brokers
We Sell Your Site
W3 Business Advisors
We Broker Websites
Flipping Enterprises
Website Properties, LLC
Trusted Site Seller

Here’s a list of places to list your websites or look to buy websites.


Currently the largest. Here’s the new pricing.

Listing fee for established websites & domains $29
Success fee for established websites & domains 5.0%
The success fee is paid by the seller when they make a successful sale.

Listing fee for new websites $9
Success fee for new websites 15.0%
The success fee is paid by the seller when they make a successful sale.

If your sites sells, there’s no real advantage in price between listing it as an established or a new site. In fact, if your site sells at a certain price point, using the new site listing could cost you more than the established site listing, so be aware of that when you choose which pricing to choose:

Your site has to sell for $200 or less, or your overall costs are higher due to that 15% success fee.

On a $100 sale:
$29 listing, $5 success fee = $34
$9 listing, $15 success fee = $24

On a $200 sale:
$29 listing, $10 success fee = $39
$9 listing, $30 success fee = $39

On a $400 sale:
$29 listing, $20 success fee = $49
$9 listing, $60 success fee = $69

On a $600 sale:
$29 listing, $30 success fee = $59
$9 listing, $90 success fee = $99

Traffic on Flippa can be pretty low in the beginning of an auction. Buying the enhanced featured listing can increase those views. If you do go that route, don’t buy it until the last day or two as that’s when people actually start bidding on most auctions on Flippa. You’ll notice a pickup in traffic also when it’s listing on Ending Soon tab.

The kinds of sites that sell well on Flippa are sites with established revenue. I was somewhat surprised at some recent sales below that appeared to sell for too cheap if the revenue is accurate. I didn’t investigate these listings very much. Just noted that they seemed to go too cheaply for sites with that kind of revenue.

$599/mnth $2,249
$5,926/mnth $17,000
&20,000/year $8,000

As you can see from the above if the revenue numbers are legitimate, those sites should have sold for more money. So if you have a site that is making a solid income every month and has a history of doing so, you might want to consider a website broker. The commission will be higher, but the selling price will also be higher, in many cases, a lot higher. A broker could be well worth your time if you have a website valued at $10,000 or above.


This site gets a lot of traffic due to it’s high position in the serps for the terms buy sell websites. It ranks just below Flippa in the serps. Standard listings are available for 90 days for $9.95 and premiere listings cost $29.95 and give you more exposure than the standard listing. For listing just domains, the price is 90 days for $9.95, and premiere listings are $14.95. There are no other fees … no “success” fees, no commissions. The Premiere listings are listed in the Premiere Listing section of the site and will also appear at the top of their respective categories. They are bolder so they stand out more than standard listings and have a higher click through rate.

Buy Sell Website

The cost to list your website for sale here is $39 for a 2-week listing and $59 for a 3-month listing. It’s a well established site with plenty of listings and traffic. Don’t be put off by the ugly design (they should probably have hired a real designer to design the site).

Daltons Business

The UK’s largest business for sale marketplace. While they have a large amount of offline businesses for sale, they also have an Internet business for sale section.

Businesses for

Pretty interesting looking site with website for sale listings in all countries. Has over 61,000 listings at this time.

Experienced People Forums

Forum for both website listings and information on buying and selling websites. Moderated to keep the spammers and scammers out. Doesn’t look like a lot of traffic but the site comes recommended by other website flippers. There’s a private VIP section which they say has all the good information but you don’t have access until you reach a certain (unknown) amount of non-fluff posts (which I haven’t yet).

Another UK based site that you can buy or sell offline small businesses. There’s also an online or web based business section.

Webmaster Talk Forum

Popular webmaster forum with a section for listing sites for sale.

The Warrior Forum

A lot of turnkey sites being sold in the Complete Sites for Sale section of the Warrior Forum. Can occasionally find some established sites listed here also.

Digital Point Forums and Ebay

I’ll group these two together. I don’t recommend either one. Too much spam, too many scams. ‘Nough said.

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How to Increase Your Sales and Your Site’s Value

website value
Whether you’re going to keep or flip a site, one of the most important things you should be doing is making the site profitable. A site with revenue will sell for a great deal more money on Flippa than a site with no revenue, so it’s well worth your time to attempt to make that site profitable. Here are some ideas on how to increase the revenue of a site.

Create your own product. Creating a well written, informative ebook on the topic of your website and selling it for 100% of the profits can produce a great deal more profit than just offering affiliate products for a percentage of the sale price. You can also sell a service from the website rather than an info product. Test the best pricing strategy. Increase your price, even if you have to repackage or edit the product to increase it’s value. You’d be surprised how many times I’ve heard people say that sales increased when they increased the price of their product. Don’t be afraid to charge more.

If you do offer a higher priced product or service, also offer a “light version” of your product. Sometimes people aren’t buying simply because they can’t afford it or they think the price is too high. You can overcome this with a light version.

Add great bonuses to your product. Don’t add a low value bonus that no one really wants. Make it a dynamite bonus so that people will buy your product for the bonus if they aren’t interested in the actual product. A valuable bonus can make your product irresistible.

Increase the traffic to your site. Don’t be dependent on just one source of traffic. If it dries up, all of your traffic is gone. If you’re trying to rank in Google for your keywords, make the same effort in Yahoo and Bing. Don’t forget social bookmarks such as Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon and many others. They are not only a good source of traffic, but provide backlinks as well. A viral post in Stumbleupon, Reddit and Digg can get thousands of visitors in a short period of time. If you use paid traffic, buy more paid traffic. The point is to increase your efforts to increase the traffic.

Another good way to increase traffic is to become an authority on the topic of your site. Provide really useful information and you’ll find that not only do people visit, but they come back time and again for updates.

Launching giveaways and contests are also a good way to get repeat visitors and increase traffic. Make your prize or giveaway something really spectacular that most people would want. Giving away junk won’t get the traffic that a dynamite offer will. Visitors will tell other people if the giveaway is really great. Nothing better than word of mouth for increasing traffic. Launching contests and giveaways not only increase your traffic and encourage visitors to come back, but it can also increase your product sales.

Adding a Twitter account and Facebook page and getting people to like your page are excellent ways to get additional traffic. Tweeting your posts to your Twitter account and posting your posts on your Facebook page are good ways to increase interest in your site and to increase the value of your site should you list it for sale.

Make sure you’re building a list. If you’re giving something away, make them opt in to download it. Not only is a list invaluable for marketing to your list, but the list itself is a great asset to list on a sales listing for the site and increases the site’s value.

If you’re selling affiliate products, experiment. Don’t just sell one product. Add others to the mix and test, test, test. If you can sell one product, you can sell more than one.

JV with others. Do ad swaps with others in like markets, make friends and get noticed by super-affiliates. Getting links on authority sites or getting affiliates to promote your products can greatly increase both your traffic and sales. Attracting the right affiliates can make a huge impact on your business. Making friends and giving or helping others in your business is one way to do that. Build up a reputation for helping others, expecting nothing in return, and you’ll be much more likely to get people who want to promote your products.

One way to meet and make friends with potential JVs is on social networking sites. They aren’t called social networking sites for nothing. Contrary to popular belief, they are actually for networking with like-minded people and are a great way to make friends in your market.

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