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Affiliates: Make $50 per Sale on Ecommerce Package


Hey JV’s,

This dynamite Woocommerce/Ecommerce package has been a consistent selling product listed on the Warrior Forum in the Complete Sites for Sale section for awhile now. I have decided to make this available as a complete “ecommerce business in a box” solution and will be running a launch on JVZoo from Aug 9th – 17th. You can make 50% per sale from a $100 Front End product and an additional 50% of $49.99 for the OTO.

Now’s the time for email marketers to finally start making money. This offer is so value packed and irresistible that it practically sells itself. Your list will love this offer. For ecommerce site builders, it’s practically a gift. You get over $3K worth of Woocommerce themes and extensions for only $100 for unlimited sites.

There’s also an unlimited licensing Product Vendor extension as an OTO for 50% of $49.99 additional commission.

More info on the JV Page here and there are banners you can use to promote. Get your banners Here.

If you’d like to keep informed about my upcoming product launches, sign up here:

P.S.: Get your JVZoo aff link right here right now:
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OR, if you prefer to just buy it for yourself, go here

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US and International Affiliate Networks

I made a list of CPA Affiliate Networks in an earlier post. This is a list of US and International Affiliate Networks that you get commission for selling products, rather than generating leads. I’m a member of Commission Junction (CJ), Linkshare (LS), Affiliate Future US, ClickBank,, ShareASale (SAS) and MarketHealth, with MarketHealth being my best performing now, but the best in the past. Hope you’ll find this list useful when searching for products to promote. If you run an affiliate program that is not listed, leave a comment and I will add it. More information needed to choose the best networks can be found in my newest Dot Com Mogul article: Is the Cookie Monster Eating Your Commissions?

The Largest Affiliate Networks

AMWSO – Affiliate Management Consulting firm lead by Chris Sanderson, manages 20 affiliate programs from leading merchants such as Western Union, Panda Software, Shopster, GoodTimes Entertainment, Gaiam, South Beach Diet and Forzieri.

Commission Junction (CJ) – a ValueClick company, delivers performance-based online marketing solutions. Network access to the USA, UK, Germany and France.

Linkshare (LS) – LinkShare pioneered online affiliate marketing, and today runs one of the largest pay for performance affiliate marketing network on the Internet. Network access to the USA, UK, Canada and Japan.

Microsoft adCenter Affiliate Program – If your site is focused on Internet marketing, search marketing, web development or business you have the opportunity to generate revenue by referring new advertisers to MSN adCenter, via the Microsoft® Affiliate Network.

PartnerCentric – manages 40 top affiliate programs including well known brands like National Geographic, BriteSmile, Medifast, 21st Century Insurance, The Company Store, Lamps Plus, Domestications & Quicken Loans.

Performics – Now owned by DoubleClick, provides performance-based online marketing services and technologies for leading multi-channel marketers. Clients benefit from Performics´ custom approach to affiliate marketing, search engine marketing and lead generation programs.
Continue Reading

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CPA Networks and Monetizing Your Blogs or Websites

One of the top ways of monetizing websites is lead generation. Here’s how it works. Becoming a CPA affiliate is fairly simple. You sign up with numerous CPA Networks, drive traffic to the custom landing pages they provide or make your own landing pages, and get paid whenever a site visitor fills out and submits a form. One of the best ways to drive traffic to your CPA Offers is through PPC program like Adwords or Yahoo.CPA networks are clearinghouses bringing advertisers and publishers together. The advertisers provide custom landing pages and forms, pays the network commission for making it available to affiliates, and affiliates are paid for driving traffic and generating signups.

CPA stands for “cost per action.” The action is the site visitor filling out the form. Compared to traditional affiliate marketing, it is often a much easier and more lucrative way to monetize a website.

Traditional affiliates have a tougher job. They have to get the traffic, presell the product, and send visitors to the vendor through an affiliate link, hoping to generate something like 1% to 5% sales. Conversions are highly dependent on the vendor’s sales letter and product. If the vendor does a poor job of selling, or has an overpriced or poorly received product, the affiliate has spent a lot of time, and perhaps money, for very little return. Continue Reading

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Conversation Marketing: Can We Talk?

The latest buzz word in marketing is “Conversation Marketing.” Without ever hearing about conversation marketing until recently, this is the way that I prefer to get a message out about something that I’m endorsing or yes … if you want to hear the dirty word … selling. The phrase that really stood out in my mind was “All marketing is a conversation.”

“The awful truth about marketing is that it broadcasts messages to people who don’t want to listen…. much of business communication is written in contrived and artificial language, supposedly designed to impress, but actually signaling just how impersonal the firm and its professionals are.”

I see so many of the long, hypey big red lettered sales letters and still wonder how that type of marketing can be successful. I know that many “gurus” use them and make money, but in my opinion, you aren’t reaching a large part of the market through this method of communication. Basically, you’re reaching an audience who is looking for a “dream in a box” solution and willing to believe anything that promises that.

To me … and maybe it’s just me, I find those type of sales letters to be more annoying than persuasive. It’s packaged marketing, spoken in a fake voice and often uses scare tactics and unfounded promises to reel their customers in. Many marketers see marketing as a one-sided dialogue … nothing more than a propaganda campaign. This type of marketing rarely answers any questions I might have about the product.

The marketer that is able to reach his market in a real voice and engage his audience in a two-way dialogue is the marketer who is going to be able to build trust and relationships that convert into sales. In the offline world of marketing, where you meet your prospective clients, you have a greater opportunity to employ Conversational Marketing. Instead of giving yet another boring presentation, you can have a question and answer session. In a personal one-on-one presentation, you can give your prospects a handout and then instead of launching into a one-way dialogue of your capabilities and contract issues, see if you can engage your prospect in a conversation to determine what his problems and needs are. Continue Reading

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Article Marketing: Marketing in Real Time

The secret’s out!

What would you say if I told you how to get free publicity, targeted traffic and more sales for your online endeavors? It’s instant, easy and affordable.

How? With well-written articles, distributed to content-hungry web publishers for reprint. Your article’s “About the Author” box builds your expertise in the field, and builds backlinks to your website.

The viral effect of distrituting your content across cyberspace is unparalleled in the field of internet marketing.

An Adaptive Marketing Plan

The advantage of article marketing is that a marketing campaign can be implemented on the fly. It’s as simple as writing a new article. And with an unlimited subscription to an article distribution service such as Article Marketer, there is no further cost. Let me repeat that — no further cost to target an entirely new market niche.

By going with the flow of the market, a affiliate is in a better position to exploit these unexpected marketing opportunities. Identify a trend, write an article, and capture that moment of perfect relevance. This kind of “in real time” marketing can enhance your current article marketing plans perfectly. Experts recommend submitting two articles per category per week for the most impact and greatest benefit. Keep a close ear to the heartbeat of popular trends in your specific industry, and be able to spot trends and identify potential changes at a moment’s notice. My article on Cashing in Google’s Hot Trends is perfect example of “going with the flow” of market trends.

If you see a new niche for your business, begin a new article marketing campaign. Always keep an open mind when it comes to your article marketing plan. The market can be volatile, constantly changing, and full of surprises. This is what makes affiliate marketing so exciting! And, it’s what makes article marketing such an efficient, and affordable, way to keep on top of the market.

I just launched a new Article Directory … Article Buzz … specializing in high quality free content for your website, ezine or newsletter.


WE NEED ARTICLES! Brand new and just opened the doors today.

Share your knowledge and expertise and promote yourself, products or services at the same time. Simply register and then submit your articles. We’ll promote your free articles to all of our Publishers and Webmasters.


Do you need quality free content for your ezines and blogs. You’ll find it here. All free articles are reviewed and approved by our Quality Control Editors before you ever see it. You can be sure that the free content and articles you get will meet your high standards of acceptance. All free articles are available in Text or HTML format.


Need good quality free articles to build or add on to your website? No problem at all. We off quality free articles and Free Article RSS Feeds so you can do less work and still provide great free content for your visitors. Visit Article Buzz today.

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Want to Catch a Buzz?

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You probably already know some good methods for getting a lot of traffic to your site(s), but in my opinion, buzz marketing ranks at the top, and the best part — it’s Free! If you aren’t using buzz marketing, you are missing out on an avalanche of links, swarms of traffic, and yes — even fame and fortune!

What is Buzz marketing?

Buzz marketing is the art of creating a “buzz” or generating excitement and making your audience hungry for more. With buzz marketing you can be featured on some of the major sites and go viral, without buying a paid review or link, resulting in a swarm of visitors to your site. How would being on the main page of Digg, Propeller or Reddit impact your business? Your traffic would skyrocket and people would link to you creating even more traffic (you might even get so much traffic that your server will go down) Continue Reading

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