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How About a Little Snake Oil … Any Takers?

elixirI’m writing this because probably a lot of my readers are newbies who buy sites and may be buying from Sitepoint and other forums/auction sites.  I use Sitepoint to sell my sites and occasionally buy some sites from Sitepoint.

If you buy sites on Sitepoint, you really need to do some homework. There are a lot of sellers who are purchasing MMR products that cost $10 or less, setting it up on a domain, and selling it for $167 more or less.  When I say a lot, I mean a lot.

Some of them even try to pass these MMR sites off as unique.  They advertise them as unique, but they are far from unique.  I saw yet another one of them two days ago that advertised the site as unique.  I found it for $49 by Googling and this scammer was charging $797 for this site.  I pm’d him and gave him the $49 link to the exact same site.  His response?  He gave me a link to the exact product that costs $5.99.   What can you say to that kind of arrogance and pure rip-off mentality?

Apparently this type of thing is not against TOS, so it is up to YOU to research the site before investing your hard-earned cash.

How to Flush Out the Rip-Off Artists

Use for starters.  It will tell you if a site has duplicate content.  In addition, you can use Google.

Take a headline or paragraph and do this

“place headline here or paragraph or sentences” in Google with the quotes.  It will return any content within the quotes.  When you look at the results, look for Master Resale Sites listed and check it out.  You may find that there’s a Master Resale Rights product for a couple of bucks identical to what is being sold as a unique product on Sitepoint for over $100 or you may find that the site being sold is using PLR articles that are already all over the Internet.

Here’s another tip on how to spot the scammers.  Click on their profile and check all the sites they’ve been selling.  Click on each of them to see if they keep selling the same sites over and over.  Right now there’s a little scammer on Sitepoint who is selling the exact same “traffic selling” site over and over, just changing the template and domain name, but it’s the same site and he’s listed well over 20 of them so far.  And people keep buying them.  Not only is the market completely oversaturated with this BS site he’s selling, but Sitepoint is now overrun with people trying to sell “traffic” from these clone sites.

Take the time to do the research.

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