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[SONIC REPLY WORDPRESS PLUGIN] Everything You Need For Exceptional Customer Support


One thing I’ve learned from launching my own products, is that great customer service = happy customers = money. Other than a great product, nothing is more important than great customer service. How many bad reviews have you seen for products simply because the customer support was lousy? Lots, I’ll bet. I know I have.

I’ve always supported my customers via email, which, if you do that also, is a big pain in the butt. Customer support requests come in with the regular email and may sit too long while you’re taking care of other stuff, or get overlooked altogether. It’s happened to me a couple of times … just overlooked an email from a customer needing support. That’s just downright bad for business.

There are numerous Help Desk programs around, and I have checked them out over time, but didn’t really find anything that I liked. They were either too complicated or too expensive.

The only clear choice is to move to a ticket-based support system that can help you sort everything out, increase efficiency, and improve your customer support system.

… And I’ve found one that is everything that you need for exceptional customer support.

See the video and learn more here.

Sonic Reply is a WordPress-based Plugin that works as a stand-alone or bolt-on compliment to your WordPress website. It takes care of organizing, tracking, and providing analytics for customer support tickets so that you can save time, energy, money and optimize your customer service strategy.

Ticket-Based Support

Isn’t it time to ditch old-fashioned, unorganized support practices. Track, assign and follow support issues and get moving.

Completely Automatic

Sonic Reply creates all of the required pages for ticket workflow. It also closes tickets automatically and auto-assigns to staff you select.

Email Piping

You can still reply by email, but the system maintains the ticket thread. Keep track of what your customers are being told.

WordPress Integration

It’s a Plugin for WordPress that will work with any theme. You don’t need to be a web design guru to figure out how to implement Sonic Reply.

Facebook Integration

Sonic Reply makes it easy for customers to create their account in order to submit a secure ticket. A one click registration and one click login makes it super fast and easy.

Valuable Automatic Customer Feedback

Customers are asked to provide a satisfaction rating on every ticket. This rating gives you insight into how successful you were in meeting the needs and expectations of your customer.

Easily Change Language

Built in language translation files makes it easy to translate to other languages.

Looks Slick On Any Device

Fully mobile responsive on the front end as well as the backend (great for checking metrics while on the move).

Detailed Analytics

Sonic Reply’s graphical dashboard makes analytic analysis easy. Track queue health, response time analysis, ticket activity, staff performance, and more. Watch in real-time as tickets move through a detailed queue that you set up. Know exactly where each ticket is so that you can optimize and improve response time and effectiveness.

But you know what gives this Help Desk software a big advantage over the others? Sonic Reply is a fixed-payment product. You only have to buy it once. Go ahead and look around. Similar ticket-based systems require expensive monthly memberships that add up. Sonic Reply is available right now for an introductory price of $37.00!

Pay for a product once, don’t pay for it over and over again. See the video and get it here.

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