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Best Selling Types of Websites on Flippa

cookie cutter sites
Two types of websites that seem to always have a lot of bids and activity are Adsense sites and autoblogs. I can understand the popularity of Adsense sites but not autoblogs, other than people generally being lazy and not wanting to bother to add unique content to their blogs. Personally, I look for unique content when thinking about buying a blog from somewhere else. That’s a minimum requirement for me.

In addition to having no unique content, autoblogs can come with some built in problems. They are obviously scraping other people’s articles and possibly other people’s copyrighted photos, so the potential for a lawsuit or at least a cease and desist are high.

Then there’s the Google Panda thing … Autoblogs aren’t high on Google’s list of what it considers to be relevant and many are getting deindexed from Google or are disappearing so far down in the serps that they might as well be deindexed. All in all, if you’re browsing Flippa for sites to buy, I’d avoid autoblogs.

Beware the Cookie Cutter Business in a Box Sites

There’s also a very disturbing trend of cookie cutter sites (business in a box) being sold with a lot of success. The listings are all hype and have dubious income claims, especially since they are all start-ups. The income claims are in the copy since Flippa doesn’t even allow income claims on start-ups. These sellers sell the same cookie cutter sites over and over again … only difference is the domain name. Just copy the site to a new domain and they’ve got another listing. These low quality cookie cutter sites range from autoblog selling businesses to traffic selling businesses to social media selling businesses (buy Facebook likes and Twitter followers, etc.). People, there are a lot of these sites listed on Flippa. Please do some due diligence before spending your hard-earned money.

These types of sites often appeal to newbies who have little experience in buying websites or even in operating an online business. They think it’s going to be instant cash as soon as they buy it. Most are sadly disappointed to say the least, when they discover they’ve forked out a bunch of cash for a site that is not making an income as was claimed. Making money online simply isn’t as easy as all that. Spend $1,200 for a site without doing any work yourself and sit back and watch the Paypal receipts pour in.

Be certain to do due diligence when thinking about buying Adsense sites already making a passive income on Flippa or anywhere. They are hot sellers. Browsing the Just Sold section on Flippa, there’s listings like this, $630 per Month Adsense, High CTR, 2 yr. Old, PR2, Grants & Scholarships Niche, that just sold for over $9K. Listing looks good and has plenty of Adsense screenshots for income proof and Google Analytics.

So some research before investing in an Adsense site and make sure that the sites primary keywords are actually high paying keywords for Adsense. There are many Adsense keywords that are very low paying, making only a few cents per click. Also be certain that if the site advertises a certain placement in the Google serps, that you actually do a search for those keywords and the site does show up in that spot in the serps.

For more information on how to do due diligence, see my guest post on Flippa.

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Google Profits from Piracy

I was sending out some DMCA notices for something that belongs to me that was being uploaded to filesharing and BlackHat sites … you know the drill. Typical low life pirate crap. I came across several sites that were promoting pirated products and running Adsense at the same time. I know that Google has a link to report Adsense abuse and spam in their index, so I used that and reported at least 20 sites that were promoting pirated products and running Adsense.

You know what their response was? In spite of sending a DMCA with the infringing page listed and the product name listed, etc., they issued a response saying they didn’t see any infringement and therefore would not be suspending the Adsense account of the [pirate].

All the hoopla over the big, bad Panda update and how Google wants only relevant results and “quality content” and blah blah blah.

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