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Article Marketing: Marketing in Real Time

The secret’s out!

What would you say if I told you how to get free publicity, targeted traffic and more sales for your online endeavors? It’s instant, easy and affordable.

How? With well-written articles, distributed to content-hungry web publishers for reprint. Your article’s “About the Author” box builds your expertise in the field, and builds backlinks to your website.

The viral effect of distrituting your content across cyberspace is unparalleled in the field of internet marketing.

An Adaptive Marketing Plan

The advantage of article marketing is that a marketing campaign can be implemented on the fly. It’s as simple as writing a new article. And with an unlimited subscription to an article distribution service such as Article Marketer, there is no further cost. Let me repeat that — no further cost to target an entirely new market niche.

By going with the flow of the market, a affiliate is in a better position to exploit these unexpected marketing opportunities. Identify a trend, write an article, and capture that moment of perfect relevance. This kind of “in real time” marketing can enhance your current article marketing plans perfectly. Experts recommend submitting two articles per category per week for the most impact and greatest benefit. Keep a close ear to the heartbeat of popular trends in your specific industry, and be able to spot trends and identify potential changes at a moment’s notice. My article on Cashing in Google’s Hot Trends is perfect example of “going with the flow” of market trends.

If you see a new niche for your business, begin a new article marketing campaign. Always keep an open mind when it comes to your article marketing plan. The market can be volatile, constantly changing, and full of surprises. This is what makes affiliate marketing so exciting! And, it’s what makes article marketing such an efficient, and affordable, way to keep on top of the market.

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