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Want to Catch a Buzz?

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You probably already know some good methods for getting a lot of traffic to your site(s), but in my opinion, buzz marketing ranks at the top, and the best part — it’s Free! If you aren’t using buzz marketing, you are missing out on an avalanche of links, swarms of traffic, and yes — even fame and fortune!

What is Buzz marketing?

Buzz marketing is the art of creating a “buzz” or generating excitement and making your audience hungry for more. With buzz marketing you can be featured on some of the major sites and go viral, without buying a paid review or link, resulting in a swarm of visitors to your site. How would being on the main page of Digg, Propeller or Reddit impact your business? Your traffic would skyrocket and people would link to you creating even more traffic (you might even get so much traffic that your server will go down) Continue Reading

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