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How to Find End Users to Sell Your Domains

There are two good methods that I use to find end users for my domains. One is a slightly better way than the other, but takes just a little bit more effort.

The first one is to Google the keywords in your domain. In the Google results you get, you’ll get a lot of companies with similar domain names as yours, or at least using tags with those keywords. Gather up contact emails either from Whois or from the contact info on the sites of the Advertisers in the right hand column of the Google results. These are the people that you will be sending an email to.

It’s important not to spam these people. Send an individual email to each of them, simply telling them that you have xxxxxx.com available for acquisition and you’re offering it to companies that may benefit from the domain.
Here is a sample letter that I use. It is the basics. You need to add any additional benefits that this domain would have for this company. Continue Reading

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