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The Best SOPA Blackout Pages on the Internet :)

SOPA/PIPA protest

The Funniest

There were many sites that blacked out, went dark or just had anti-SOPA/PIPA messages on them for the protest, but there were some that deserve special recognition for being just plain out hilarious. The Oatmeal page, above was my favorite.

Then there was FARK:

While a bunch of other sites are going “dark” to protest SOPA/PIPA, we’re over the moon about the whole thing. Why? Honestly, we’ve been bringing you the latest news happening across the internet for 12 years, and we’re tired. And SOPA/PIPA is the perfect excuse to quit.

While SOPA might be “almost dead,” it’s not quite all the way there, and under various drafts of both SOPA/PIPA, Fark could have its DNS assignment (the thing that turns an IP address, like, into words like Fark.com) revoked without notice simply for linking to content that could come under foreign copyright claims. This means, even if it is actual news in and of itself, if we link to it, we can be shut down. And thank God, cause we’re about ready to crack under the strain of being on top of the news all the time.

Here’s a helpful video we’ve put together to explain why you should support SOPA/PIPA:

Most Visually Appealing

American Censorship.org

american censorship org


Warrior Forum
Full list here

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