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Flippa Scams

InvestBeacon banned

I recently wrote about a Flippa seller, InvestBeacon, here. This guy, whose first real name is Antoniya, and profile on Flippa is InvestBeacon, creates nothing (except Flippa listings) with sites he rips off from other people. He buys sites for $17 that have NO RESELL RIGHTS (personal rights only) and after he has acquired 25-40 of these, he creates Flippa listings to sell them in bulk.

Not only does InvestBeacon sell sites he has no right to sell, he sells the same sites over and over and over again. In his listings, he claims that each listing is an EXCLUSIVE network of blogs. Of course, nothing is further from the truth. Not only do they belong to someone else to sell and have been sold legitimately on the Warrior Forum, but he sells the same ones continuously.

In this post, I point to one such auction but he listed another auction here. I reported this auction to Flippa and they suspended this seller. I was relieved that InvestBeacon was not going to get away with selling other people’s blogs one more time. SuiteJ and Mark (new owner of Niche Blogging Treasure) also contacted Flippa regarding this auction.

After being suspended, I get this pitiful email from InvestBeacon:

from [Offline] InvestBeacon investbeacon@gmail.com

to Suzanne Bucciarelli

date Fri, Aug 26, 2011 at 3:09 AM

subject I’m really sorry for selling your websites

mailed-by gmail.com

signed-by gmail.com


I would like to declare that I will not be selling any of your websites at http://nichebloggingtreasure.com/ or SuiteJ’s blogs ever again on flipppa or any other website. I deeply repent for even trying to sell these sites at the first place. I can only ask you to put this behind us and try to forgive me. I’m only left with the following – good luck with your future work and you won’t be hearing from me about any of this again, I promise.



Sounds like this scammer is turning over a new leaf, right? Don’t believe it for a minute. 1/2 hour later, I get another email from him, saying that now that he is a reformed scammer, would I put in a good word to Flippa so he can get his account back. Needless to say, I did not put in that word for him. I have been dealing with this Flippa scammer for a long time.

The truly shocking thing is … that soon afterwards, Flippa UNSUSPENDED him and allowed his auction here to continue and complete successfully, even though the two owners of those sites reported it and so did I.

But wait … it gets even better. While he was suspended, it appears (to me and a lot of other people, at least ((but not to Flippa))), that he created another account under the name of finestcreativity, this time selling Verena’s blogs from the Warrior Forum. These blogs are also created and sold by Verena with personal rights only. There were two brand new, active listings selling blogs he had no right to sell.

So I sat up until 1am and drafted up a DMCA notice to send to Verena and instructions for her on how to send it to Flippa:






Subject: Notice of Copyright Infringement

The Flippa seller known as InvestBeacon and finestcreativity are selling blogs from me that he purchased from me with no resale rights. The blogs available on The Warrior Forum sold under my name, Verena come with personal rights only. InvestBeacon was suspended for this before, but it is apparent that he has been reinstated and has resumed selling blogs that he has no rights to sell. In addition, he now has the second account to sell stolen blogs from, as InvestBeacon and finestcreativity are one and the same person.

The copyrighted works at issue are from listing for finestcreativity:



ORIGINAL COPYRIGHTED BLOG: http://www.warriorforum.com/complete-web-sites-sale/335795-only-25-gorgeous-learn-guitar-niche-blog-comes-e-book-sales-page-ready.html

ON FLIPPA LISTING: http://guitarcoaches.net/

ORIGINAL COPYRIGHTED BLOG: http://www.warriorforum.com/complete-web-sites-sale/396034-only-25-gorgeous-day-trading-niche-blog-another-premium-blog-package-verena.html

ON FLIPPA LISTING: http://tradingmanual.org/

ORIGINAL COPYRIGHTED BLOG: http://www.warriorforum.com/complete-web-sites-sale/352660-only-25-gorgeous-hybrid-car-niche-blog-another-premium-blog-package-verena.html

ON FLIPPA LISTING: http://drivinghybrids.org/

ORIGINAL COPYRIGHTED BLOG: http://www.warriorforum.com/complete-web-sites-sale/357634-only-25-gorgeous-bodybuilding-niche-blog-another-premium-blog-package-verena.html

ON FLIPPA LISTING: http://bodycourse.net/

ORIGINAL COPYRIGHTED BLOG: http://www.warriorforum.com/complete-web-sites-sale/352927-only-25-gorgeous-cruise-vacation-niche-blog-another-premium-blog-package-verena.html

ON FLIPPA LISTING: http://specialcruises.net/

ORIGINAL COPYRIGHTED BLOG: http://www.warriorforum.com/complete-web-sites-sale/351650-only-25-gorgeous-satellite-tv-niche-blog-another-premium-blog-package-verena.html

ON FLIPPA LISTING: http://satellitereport.org/

ORIGINAL COPYRIGHTED BLOG: http://www.warriorforum.com/complete-web-sites-sale/349619-only-25-gorgeous-solar-energy-niche-blog-another-premium-blog-package-verena.html

ON FLIPPA LISTING: http://solarenergyreports.net/

You can reach me at (YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS) for further information or clarification. My phone number is phone number here and my mailing address is address here.

The email address of the website owner, who has reprinted our content illegally, is their email address is investbeacon@gmail.com.

I have a good faith belief that use of the copyrighted materials described above as allegedly infringing is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law.

I swear, under penalty of perjury, that the information in this notification is accurate and that I am the copyright owner or am authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed.




Got a message from Verena that she did indeed send it, but by then, finestcreativity had been suspended. See a pattern here? How long before finestcreativity is magically UNSUSPENDED and allowed to continue defrauding customers on Flippa once again?

I got an email from Flippa stating that they could find no fraudulent link between InvestBeacon and finestcreativity.


Let’s see. Both from Bulgaria with verified Bulgarian telephone numbers. Both with identical titles in their listings. Take a look at the images below. In the first one, you can see he tried to hide his identity by claiming that he is from the US. But his mobile phone is from Bulgaria and you can’t hide that. The second are the listings. Identical, aren’t they?

flippa scams

flippa scams

Do these listings look identical to you or not. They sure look like the same person created them to me.


The sad truth is that a lot of scammers sell on Flippa and it is a minefield to try to buy a site from Flippa without getting ripped off. Take for example the rash of “Traffic” selling websites. There are sellers that sell the same traffic selling and other websites over and over again. For a real eye opener, check the same Flippa Leaderboard for all duplicate sites being sold on Flippa. A few of those are actually different sites … just listed with the same titles like the first listing there, but many are just clone websites being sold over and over again.

Buy from Flippa with extreme caution. Use Google to Google the title of listings and the Flippa Leaderboard to check for duplicates also. Of course, duplicates are not the only Flippa scams going. There are plenty of sites with fake income screenshots and sites that buy fake traffic to inflate their traffic numbers (I got one of those gems awhile back). It requires some real due diligence to buy from Flippa without getting ripped off.

UPDATE: The seller InvestBeacon had a lot of communication with Flippa and promised never to sell sites that he did not have the right to sell any longer. But this long time Bulgarian scammer couldn’t and had no intentions of keeping that promise. He opened a new account, FinestBusiness, and listed another person’s blogs from the Warrior Forum that had personal rights only. Someone pointed me to the auction, and I located the original source of the blogs and reported the auction. I had proof that this account was also InvestBeacon. In addition to InvestBeacon account, this scammer Antoniya, whose real name is actually Ivan Kolev, has operated under all of these previously banned Flippa accounts that I know about:

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