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Where to Buy and Sell Websites

I’m sure most people who are thinking about flipping/selling or buying websites know about Flippa, but when the question is asked, where can I sell my site, that seems to be the only answer people give. Flippa may be the largest at this time, but it’s not the only game in town. Due to the many changes Flippa has gone through with pricing structure and other changes that don’t necessarily benefits sellers, it’s worth a good hard look at the other places for buying and selling websites. Flippa does have an advantage over others with probably more buyers who search the site, so it’s still a viable website marketplace, but it’s always good to know all the options available.

There are also a fair amount of brokers who can help you to sell your websites, particularly if they are well established businesses that have established revenue and traffic and are valued at $10,000 or above. Brokers will often help with creating the listing or sales copy for your site and listing it at various resources both offline and online. They may also help with screening buyers, legal paperwork, and helping with negotiations and prospect questions when a buyer is interested. They often have developed a large list of buyers that they will contact about your sale.

Here’s a list of some website brokers:

Latona’s Website Brokerage
Quiet Light Brokerage
Acquisitions Direct
Acquisitions Agency
Maine Business Brokers
We Sell Your Site
W3 Business Advisors
We Broker Websites
Flipping Enterprises
Website Properties, LLC
Trusted Site Seller

Here’s a list of places to list your websites or look to buy websites.


Currently the largest. Here’s the new pricing.

Listing fee for established websites & domains $29
Success fee for established websites & domains 5.0%
The success fee is paid by the seller when they make a successful sale.

Listing fee for new websites $9
Success fee for new websites 15.0%
The success fee is paid by the seller when they make a successful sale.

If your sites sells, there’s no real advantage in price between listing it as an established or a new site. In fact, if your site sells at a certain price point, using the new site listing could cost you more than the established site listing, so be aware of that when you choose which pricing to choose:

Your site has to sell for $200 or less, or your overall costs are higher due to that 15% success fee.

On a $100 sale:
$29 listing, $5 success fee = $34
$9 listing, $15 success fee = $24

On a $200 sale:
$29 listing, $10 success fee = $39
$9 listing, $30 success fee = $39

On a $400 sale:
$29 listing, $20 success fee = $49
$9 listing, $60 success fee = $69

On a $600 sale:
$29 listing, $30 success fee = $59
$9 listing, $90 success fee = $99

Traffic on Flippa can be pretty low in the beginning of an auction. Buying the enhanced featured listing can increase those views. If you do go that route, don’t buy it until the last day or two as that’s when people actually start bidding on most auctions on Flippa. You’ll notice a pickup in traffic also when it’s listing on Ending Soon tab.

The kinds of sites that sell well on Flippa are sites with established revenue. I was somewhat surprised at some recent sales below that appeared to sell for too cheap if the revenue is accurate. I didn’t investigate these listings very much. Just noted that they seemed to go too cheaply for sites with that kind of revenue.

$599/mnth $2,249
$5,926/mnth $17,000
&20,000/year $8,000

As you can see from the above if the revenue numbers are legitimate, those sites should have sold for more money. So if you have a site that is making a solid income every month and has a history of doing so, you might want to consider a website broker. The commission will be higher, but the selling price will also be higher, in many cases, a lot higher. A broker could be well worth your time if you have a website valued at $10,000 or above.

Website Broker.com

This site gets a lot of traffic due to it’s high position in the serps for the terms buy sell websites. It ranks just below Flippa in the serps. Standard listings are available for 90 days for $9.95 and premiere listings cost $29.95 and give you more exposure than the standard listing. For listing just domains, the price is 90 days for $9.95, and premiere listings are $14.95. There are no other fees … no “success” fees, no commissions. The Premiere listings are listed in the Premiere Listing section of the site and will also appear at the top of their respective categories. They are bolder so they stand out more than standard listings and have a higher click through rate.

Buy Sell Website

The cost to list your website for sale here is $39 for a 2-week listing and $59 for a 3-month listing. It’s a well established site with plenty of listings and traffic. Don’t be put off by the ugly design (they should probably have hired a real designer to design the site).

Daltons Business

The UK’s largest business for sale marketplace. While they have a large amount of offline businesses for sale, they also have an Internet business for sale section.

Businesses for Sale.com

Pretty interesting looking site with website for sale listings in all countries. Has over 61,000 listings at this time.

Experienced People Forums

Forum for both website listings and information on buying and selling websites. Moderated to keep the spammers and scammers out. Doesn’t look like a lot of traffic but the site comes recommended by other website flippers. There’s a private VIP section which they say has all the good information but you don’t have access until you reach a certain (unknown) amount of non-fluff posts (which I haven’t yet).


Another UK based site that you can buy or sell offline small businesses. There’s also an online or web based business section.

Webmaster Talk Forum

Popular webmaster forum with a section for listing sites for sale.

The Warrior Forum

A lot of turnkey sites being sold in the Complete Sites for Sale section of the Warrior Forum. Can occasionally find some established sites listed here also.

Digital Point Forums and Ebay

I’ll group these two together. I don’t recommend either one. Too much spam, too many scams. ‘Nough said.

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Selling Start-up Sites on Flippa or Elsewhere

flipping startup websites
When I first started flipping websites, I basically created my own start-up sites and flipped them on Flippa at about $300-$320 each. That was a couple of years ago and the start-up market on Flippa has become very saturated and the quality of start-up sites on Flippa has decreased to a large degree. There are many sellers who think you can throw a blog together in a few hours and dump it on Flippa and make a profit. Some do, but many don’t. I’ve seen site flipping courses that profess to tell you how to do this and make a killing with a 3-hour website.

Buyers have become better educated on Flippa. They have needed to with all the junk being sold there. There are still good deals, but buying on Flippa requires a lot of due diligence to keep from getting scammed. If you want to sell start-up websites on Flippa these days, you have to offer more than just a 3-hour blog thrown together and listed.

The Domain is Important

Register a good domain for your site, preferably a dot com. An aged domain would be even better if you can find a reasonably priced aged domain in the niche that you are building. You can find aged domains on Godaddy auctions, Sedo, Afternic, and even Flippa. Shorter domains are preferable unless you are going to use an exact match domain for a good keyword. Brandable domains are good too if you create a consistent brand throughout the site, Facebook, Twitter, and any other social networks you use with the site. Having a great domain can increase the value of the site by hundreds or even thousands, depending on the domain name.

Ugly Sites Don’t Sell as Well

There are plenty of people around who tell you that ugly sites make more money, convert better, blah blah blah. That’s true for some sites, but not for start-up sites sold on Flippa. If you don’t put any time or effort into a good looking theme and some graphics to spice it up, you’re not putting your best foot forward. Buying a developer’s license for a nice looking premium theme is a worthwhile investment and one that will pay you back over and over again. For my blogs, I mostly use one customized Woo Theme and change the color scheme, headers and sidebar graphics for each site.

Content is King

One way to differentiate your start-up blog is to fill it with high quality, unique content. This is the very core of your site and you should not cut corners on content. The more unique content you add, the more valuable your site will be. I would have at least 20 unique articles on the site before listing it.

Adding Value

You can add value to a start-up site by creating a Mailing List, Facebook Page and Twitter Page for the site and getting followers for the social networks. A mailing list is particularly valuable for any site, but having a lot of Facebook fans and Twitter followers are also a significant enhancement. Try to design these in the same style as the site. If you can’t do that, outsource it. Someone can create a nice Facebook Fan Page and Twitter background for your sites.

Promote the Site

Now that you’ve built it, promote it. Buy some social bookmarking gigs on Fiverr to get it indexed and get backlinks. Use other reputable backlinking services for more backlinks. Don’t make the mistake of buying “backlink blasts” of thousands of low quality links which could put your site square in Google’s sandbox for some time. Slower link building is better.

If you’ve done the on page SEO for your articles and you’re building backlinks, you should start seeing some traffic. Have some related affiliate ads and/or Adsense on the site and try to get a little revenue going. That’s a huge plus when selling a site on Flippa. In particular, buyers on Flippa love Adsense sites. Even a small Adsense income for a start-up site will increase it’s value.

Do these things and you’ll be way ahead of the competition on Flippa. Much of the work involved can be outsourced if you can’t or don’t want to do it yourself.

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